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We, Pharmacy2U, are a leading online pharmacy in the UK, registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. We respect your right to privacy and are committed to providing clear and honest information to explain how we use the information you give us.

We understand that legal documents such as privacy policies can be difficult to understand. For that reason, we have provided this short overview of the policy to highlight the main points that you should know about.


The key principles of our privacy policy are as follows. We will use your personal information only to allow us to provide the services you ask us for.

We will only share your information with other companies if this is necessary to provide our service to you (for example, to deliver products we will need to share your address with a postal service). We share the minimum amount of information for the relevant purpose. Those we share your information with are not allowed to use it to try to sell their own services to you.

We will not sell your information to anyone for any reason.

We will only send you information about our own products and services if you have given us permission to. 

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