House specialty

House specialties

Competence in the essence
Specialities of the house on herbal and homeopathic basis which have proved their worth over more than 119 years. Over that time, we continually improved their quality and healing power. 100 of our own recipes of which we regularly produce 80 in our own laboratory, taking into account the most stringent quality guidelines. The essence of centuries-old pharmaceutical tradition. Most of the recipes on herbal and homeopathic basis are for oral administration or external use. Our laboratory is under constant state control.

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Homeopathic menopause drops For complaints during the menopause, e.g. hot flushes, sweating, mood swings and nervousness.

Homeopathic drops for weight control Supportive in diets and for weight control. Stimulates the metabolism..

Lip balm. For the treatment of dry and chapped lips.

Nose ointment mild For dry nasal mucosa. Supports recovery from colds.

Kidney tea by Dr Hurterierentee nach Dr. Hurter. Anti-inflammatory and diuretic. For the treatment of pain or irritation of the urinary tract.

Plant-based calming and sleep drops For anxiety states, nervousness and insomnia.

Plant-based heart and circulation drops. Supportive in heart and cycle complaints, e.g. palpitations, nervousness, weakness and faintness.

Plant-based cough drops For dry cough, bronchitis, flu-like infections with cough, and respiratory congestion. 

Plant-based circulation drops For high blood pressure.

Plant-based liver and gall drops For digestive disorders, e.g. flatulence and abdominal discomfort. Stimulates the production of bile.

Plant-based kidney and bladder drops Stimulates the urination. Relief from pain in the bladder and urethra, for frequent and painful urination.

Plant-based prostate drops Supportive in prostate troubles and associated voiding disorders and strong urge to urinate. 

Plant-based rheumatism drops Supportive in muscular and articular rheumatism 

Plant-based vein drops Supportive in vein problems, e.g. venous oedema, leg cramps, pains and heaviness in the legs, and varicose veins. 

Resistoplant Strengthens the body`s own resistance. For systemic infections and colds.

Comfrey ointment Hammerstein For blunt injuries and rheumatic pains.

Comfrey ointment noster For blunt injuries and rheumatic pains.

Overview of the herbal and homeopathic specialities of the house


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